Crushing on Orange Lips – Try the Trend for < $10!

2 IMG 3125 Crushing on Orange Lips   Try the Trend for < $10!
Hi Ladies,
If you read any fashion mags you'll know that orange lips are big this season! Personally, I think orange is always a classic for summer, but if you are little gun shy..try out these looks for under $10! I'm sharing two of my favorites, as well as a collage of other inexpensive options. If you try any...I'd love to know what you think. :)

Looking for a INTENSE look? 

 Maybelline lipstick: Vibrant Mandarin & Prestige Lip Liner: Poppy

3 IMG 3098 Crushing on Orange Lips   Try the Trend for < $10!
The Vibrant line from Maybelline gets great reviews across the internet from what I see. It also doesn't  contain lanolin which many people (like me) are allergic to. It's creamy, but a little sheer. Beautyzine did a review as well, so you can check out how it looks on other skin tones here. I also used Prestige' lip liner with this look and found it to deliver a lot of color for a few bucks. I like that they have very trendy colors.

 Looking for a SHEER look? 

ColorBurst Lacquer Balm: Tease

5 IMG 3095 Crushing on Orange Lips   Try the Trend for < $10!
Try this one if you are scared of orange lips. :) I'll probably keep this in my purse and throw it on when I don't have a mirror. It's sheer, but buildable. Checkout milkteef's review here and see how it looks on other skin tones. 
c1000x10003 300x300 Crushing on Orange Lips   Try the Trend for < $10!
Revlon Moon DropsSiren / Moisturizing lipstickOrange Attitude / Maybelline lipstickVibrant Madarin

Lip pencilPumpkin / Lip GlossMandarin Rapture / Cheek StainGleam


  1. I love this post! I have been wearing bright red lipstick as of late and I was a little scared at first but now I love it! It really pops! Thanks for the story!

  2. Those colors look so great on you! I like Tease! So naturally pretty!


  3. Both of those colors look great on you! I have that Poppy King for JCrew orange but sometimes I feel that it is way too intense for me. I may have to try Tease!

    • Oooh…you should do a post with it…I bet it looks really good on you. :) I think the colors that J Crew picks out are always so cool and very minimalist.

  4. You look so good in these orange lip colors…I don’t think I can bring myself to try this trend though, even on the cheap. Orange and I don’t get along. Besides that, did you go to the Tyra Banks school of Smizing? You have it down to an ART. I’m quite jealous.
    On the Daily Express

    • Who do you think Tyra learned how to Smize from? I was going to be the trainer on Next Top Model, but I let the little blonde guy have it bc I knew I’d be busy with my blog one day. :) Seriously though, Thanks!

  5. I love these shades and it’s encouraging me to try the orange. I really shy away from it and would have not considered trying it before. The Tease is definitely something I feel comfortable trying, maybe even wearing it at work. Happy Monday!

    • Yeah, you totally should…I tried orange a few years ago and was surprised at how flattering it is.

  6. I bought Tease and absolutely love it! Both look really great on you! I never thought I’d love orange lips, but it really works! Carylee |

    • Yay…can’t wait to see you in it!

  7. Oh I like the orange on you! It looks so fresh and cool. I think the bright color is fabulous. Good idea to find some inexpensive options to experiment with, I often do this too.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Orange lips look SO, SO, SO good on you! You make me want to try it! Thank you for the recommendations!


    • You should…I think everyone can find a great shade for them!

  9. Maybelline’s Vibrant Mandarin is really good! I have it too (and actually wear it on my latest post). I find that orange hued lipsticks suit me better than red ones.

    • wow…it looks totally different on you….I would’ve guessed that you were wearing pink…it looks really good on you though and great with the yellow cardi :)


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